Rental Information Management Software - RIMS

A Complete Solution to manage your Car/Van Rental Business

Cloud Based Remote Application using our fully integrated Tierless technology

The main forms of the Rims application are displayed on this page. Each of these forms is associated with major areas of the Car Rental Business. Selecting these buttons creates a data entry form or an Active Grid. Rims unique Active Grids provide a spread sheet style interface where each grid element can be used either for data entry/display or as a trigger to other related forms and grids.

The RIMS Application includes your own Private Windows Server residing in the Amazon Web Services data center nearest to your business. This gives you world wide access to your server using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol RDP. You create private sessions using a simple desktop text link from any computer, tablet of smart phone that supports the protocol. Since this is your own private server, you can add other applications to your server such as word processors, quick books and web sites.

RIMS uses our Tierless Technology so that each session includes all components of the application user Interface, reports, queries and database access/update. The all in one integrated implementation provides a simpler user interface, faster response and enhanced reliability.